no one picking up my phone

I’ve called my gf quite a few times in this past week but nope. can’t talk! my timings are just too bad! I call either when she’s out with friends, in movie hall, or sleeping! and she can’t call me back for some understandable reason! Drama and Oishika didn’t pick up their phones either. not interested in talking to good ol dhruv! cuz.. give a damn to him! :p

or hang on… I might as well just call him anyway! I’ll call prashasti after she returns back to banasthali! as for now, let her have fun with the people she rarely can meet ever since she’s gone to hostel! doesn’t make a difference with regard to me cuz we can’t meet even when she has her holidays, cuz I’m not in Delhi! and so I need to crack aiims to find an excuse to stay close to her!
give a damn to dhruv! I’m gonna go, study!

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Life is Passing Me By

With the onset of Exams round the corner… Fun is just increasing… Not the  best combo!

Parties parties and more of them are getting the best of my time spared for studies…. I don’t care anyways.

Plus… It’s about time I reverted the site to how it was before the Onset of the festive season…. 😉

The New Background Pic is here… courtesy.. Wikipedia.

Shahrukh Rocks It


Here’s an excerpt from an article in the The Telegraph that I came across. In fact, I bring to you the entire masterpiece from the Site:

Athlete awaits recognition

Giridih, Aug. 22: This Giridih lad has won a gold in 100m national event, but still waits for recognition.

It was on August 16 at Bhubaneswar that Shahrukh Azad won 100m sprint in the Under-14 category of the 21st Eastern Zone Athletic Championship.

The victory is special because athletes from 11 other states took part, among who he secured highest position.

Besides, in October last year, he won the bronze in the inter-district National Athletic Meet at Haridwar.

“A year ago, I had participated in a competition at school. After seeing my performance, the school coach Roop Narayan sir suggested that I take interest in athletics,” the young Shahrukh said.

Within a year, he not only became a profession athlete but started winning gold medals too.“I want to represent my country,” he said with hope. “I want to become like Carl Lewis. He had performed consistently. That is the main thing.”

The son of doctor Md. Azad, Shahrukh is also good in academics. A Class IX student of Carmel School, he focuses on his lessons and aims at scoring well in class too. “But now I am spending at least five hours in practice and I enjoy it,” said the little champ.

After completing Class X, he would want to train at the Sports Authority of India. His father rued that the state should have felicitated him for his achievement.