The Haserot Angel

The Angel of Death Victorious.

Also called the Angel of Death Victorious, is a statue built in 1924 by the American sculptor Herman Matzen. The angel guards the grave of one Francis Haserot and his family, near the Mark Hanna mausoleum at the edge of the Lake View cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio. Haunting, yet beautiful, he mourns and holds his quiet keep, revering the dead for 80 plus years now. What makes the stoic Angel special (from what you see in this picture) is that he has his hands folded atop something that most people mistakenly call a sword. It would make sense, but in this case he’s holding an upside down torch, symbolizing a life extinguished. His pose is creepy enough, but the years have streaked his bronze skin and caused tears of discolored metal to stream from his blank eyes, making the angel appear to mourn in endless grief while unfalteringly guarding the grave.

All along while reminding us of Death Victorious.

Haserot Angel at the Lake View Cemetery.

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