Quoration 2

  1. Post by Margaret Weiss: Please fasten your seat belts 
  2. Answer by Raghav Gupta to What are some good ways to SMS troll a friend? 
  3. Post by Dan Strayer: You’re the CEO… 
  4. Answer by Aarush Nandal to What have you found on the Internet today that made you smile? 
  5. Answer by Greg Mann to Do men like intelligent women? 
  6. Answer by Pallav Gupta to What are some cool photos depicting India/Indian-ness? 
  7. Answer by Sudhir Srinivasan to If you and your significant other are the only two people alive on earth, what will you want to do first?
  8. Answer by RamanDeep Singh to What’s the most powerful/inspirational quote you’ve ever heard?
  9. Answer by Edmond Lau to What are the best tricks to keep yourself motivated?