My Friends have girlfriends. I never had and feel depressed about it. What to do?

Answer by Nabarun Mondal:

Right now I am solving a problem of how to automatically generate a graph from a bunch of processes.

This is Friday weekend and my entertainment is to study the History of North East India, and then General Relativity.
NO, I am not a “student”, and Yes, I still study.

I wear a :

78 102 AA 01 | Héritage | Montres Louis Erard
And I have some other watches too.
I drive a :

in India, whose EMI is 30K a month.

I have a Library where I have more than 3000 books which I read.
I used to debug Windows Kernel.
Right now I am typing in a Macbook pro – while next thing would be to bug fixing my own language which is the de facto standard for automation where I work.

I would probably die at 80ish.
I am now 33 .
I have only 47 more years or so to fix whatever I could.

My aim is to change the way the reality has been perceived : foundational problems in Quantum mechanics by applying Dynamical System theory.
And have a fleet of Jaguars.

All my friends are married – and almost all of them are fathers by now.

I am single, never had a girlfriend.
Where is the time? Even the time for caring?

When you start from scratch, you know that the world is NOT FAIR, and there is no FREE LUNCH.

You pick.
You choose. And when a choice is made stick to it.
There is really no escape plan.

I am 21 and never had a girlfriend. Most of my friends are in a relationship. I feel kind of depressed and that I would never have a girl…