Which credit cards do millionaires possess?

Answer by Kyle Murao:

I’m not sure if this one-ups David‘s answer, but I can say that it is certifiably available only to millionaires. Ladies & gentlemen, the J.P.Morgan Palladium Card:

It’s got your name laser-etched into it, rather than printed on those mere bourgeois plastic cards in raised lettering. It’s made out of 23-kt gold and palladium, which is some rare expensive metal. Depending on how commodity prices are doing on a given day, it may be worth more than $1,000 or so if you just melted it down and sold off the metal in it–which is more than the annual fee itself ($595, or a small rounding error on a Palladium card-holder’s monthly wine club invoice). The card is made out of metal to make it durable, heavy, attractive, and noticeable: when dropped upon a silver platter, it makes a distinctive “ping!” sound.

It’s reported that in order to be invited to apply for the Palladium card, you must have an account with JPMorgan’s private bank, with net assets of at least $25 million, ranking you well above just the 1%. There are thought to be fewer than 5,000 of these little doodads floating around.

Credit Card Forum has more:

  • Palladium Concierge
    This is the top tier concierge service that is only offered on the Palladium card. Aside from the usual travel planning, dining reservations, and event ticket procurement, the guide states that they will “provide you with a virtually limitless array of unique offers, time-saving conveniences and personalized insider expertise.”
  • Ultimate Rewards
    The JP Morgan Palladium credit card participates in the Chase Ultimate Rewards program:
    2 points per dollar spent on travel
    1 point per dollar everywhere else
    No caps or expirationA bonus of 35,000 additional points after you spend $100,000 annually. Points can be used for almost anything. My favorite benefit is the ability to transfer Ultimate Reward points on a 1:1 basis to British Airways, Marriot, and Priority Club.
  • Unlimited Priority Pass Access
    A good number of Palladium Card holders fly by private jet (which I will discuss in a moment) but if they happen to be flying commercial, they can enjoy unlimited complimentary access at over 600 airport lounges across the globe.
  • Marquis Jet Perks
    As a Berkshire Hathaway company, Marquis Jet has access to the world’s largest fleet of private jets. For those with the JP Morgan Palladium, additional perks and benefits will be offered on Marquis Jet, including a free hour of flight time with the purchase of your first 25-hour jet card. To put that in perspective, the value of that exclusive Palladium card benefit ranges from $5,716 to $14,716!
  • British Airways Benefits
    Even if you typically fly private, maybe you want to be green and skip your gas-guzzling Gulfstream V ride to Europe? If so, with the Palladium you will receive these two benefits on British Airways: Complimentary upgrade to first-class with each purchase of a full-fare, non-restricted, round-trip business class ticket from the U.S. to London; Complimentary companion ticket for each full-fare, non-restricted, round-trip business class ticket from the U.S. to anywhere British Airways flies.

Source: J.P. Morgan Palladium Card Exposed

Which credit cards do millionaires possess?