Dedrick Lai to How can I draw a 3D picture?

I tell you how I draw a simple 3D picture step by step. I mean a two dimensional representation of three dimensional objects.
1.Prepare the tools I need.

2.Draw the basic pattern, for example,the date “10.31”.

3.Color the light red.

4.Choose a direction that I see this paper. This is the significant step.

5.Draw the line that is vertical my view. And thicken the words ā€œ10.31ā€.

6.Color the dark red.

7.Draw the shadow by pencil.

8.Color the shadow with gray.

9.Draw a guideline at the top of the paper and cover the top of “10.31”.

10.Cut down the top part of this paper.

11.Draw the parallel line cover the shadow but the words.

12.Sign my name and finish!