New year, New look, New URL, New goodness

Woo Hoo! FInally I’ve migrated to an own domain for this site that has always been my side chick! 😀

So yeah. dumped the old subdomain freeloading off of and moved to… err… another free domain. But this time, things are real. Top level domain better than sub-domain bullshit any day. Let me now explain what’s going on.

New year: It’s 29th Dec, 2016 as I write this today. 2017 too close for comfort. Yeah, you’re welcome!

New look: Well, WordPress just announced their new theme, Twenty Seventeen. Before switching to this, I was using Twenty Fourteen. Which also had a nice look, but made the block quoted text look ugly. And it’s significant to me as I share a lot of Quora content, and they all get block quoted, which the twenty fourteen made into a dull grey colour with a grey vertical line running the entire length of the block quote on its left. Ugly as my 2nd ex!

Oh and also… you saw the new video at the home page? Yeah! That’s a new feature introduced by WordPress in this new theme! So I got my hands dirty and boy does it look amazing! The video is 720p and only 7mb.

New URL:

It’s so named because I’m originally Abhinav Singh. The Singh when pronounced, sounds like the english “Sing” which translated to hindi is pronounced “Ga”. That means the present site url says Abhinav Sing(h). Cool right? Also, I got it free from this site Although it says only .tk domain can be registered free, actually there are 5 different TLDs that are free to rent for a year. After which, renew your rent for another year. It’s that simple.

New goodness: That’s because our 2nd year theory papers at KMC just finished today with the last paper being Forensic. And as I type this, I’ll tell you this! I’ve been awake now for 22 hours straight. That too the sleep before that was 4 hours long! Damn that exam was scary. At least the preparation was. Heck! So I’m enjoying myself after customising and moving this site to its own domain. At least new year’s day will be exam free! Plus… I’ve been in the exam phase since 10th November. And they will finish on 12th Jan. But this crucial gap in the middle of exams… worth it!

Alright then! I’m done with this blog post. I don’t generally make a personal themed post. Too much typing! 😛 (Should’ve narrated, come to think of it now.)

Hasta La Vista, Babayyy!

What the Hell is Linux?

Alright. Here we go! I’ve done some itty bitty research and will shortly forget what Linux is all about cuz I vaguely remember searching the same info before. So yeah! Let’s Start!

Unix: Initially, it was a AT&T built operating system. Now, It’s a family of operating systems that derive from it, like

  • BSD/Berkeley Software Distribution (386BSD (FreeBSD, NetBSD…), Darwin (macOS, iOS), SunOS))
  • GNU
  • Linux (Android, Chrome OS)
  • QNX (BlackBerry 10)

Based on its design, Unix like operating systems have come to exist. Most Famous: Linux.

Linux releases a new version of their “kernel” every now and then. And due to the flexibility, customizability, free and open-source nature of Linux, it becomes possible to highly tune Linux for a specific purpose or just make a general purpose version. There are different foundations/groups who pick up the kernel release, modify it and package it along with a bunch of mostly free (called GNU stuff) or paid software in a form known as a Linux distribution (or distro for short) for both desktop and server use. You cannot use Linux without a distro since Linux by itself is just a kernel. Read more here.

Linux Distribution timeline 2016
Linux Distribution timeline 2016. Btw, the image is Ctrl + F able.

General purpose Linux distributions: Some of the most popular are Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu (which is itself based on Debian) together with commercial distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Specialized Linux distribution: There are two main methods for creating them: building from scratch (i.e. Pure Linux) or from a general-purpose distribution as a base. Linux distributions built from scratch do not have general-purpose bases; instead, they focus on the JeOS philosophy by including only necessary components and avoiding resource overhead caused by components considered redundant in the distribution’s use cases. Eg of Specialized distros: Kali Linux for digital security (Based on Debian).

Packages: Each distro, while they may be based off of one another need to be “binary compatible” to allow packages (or softwares/apps) from one distro to be used in another. So care for that must be taken.

Did your child ever hear you say a word that they now repeat?

Answer by Justin Franco:


My wife and I use the word poodle as a sort of safe word when we’re discussing issues that might force one of us to lie just to make the other happy (we stole it from a Chuck Palahniuk novel). It’s a standalone question, “Poodle?” Or a confident statement, “Poodle.” Basically, it means I’m being completely truthful.

For example, my wife might want me to accompany her to a dance costume expo in Atlanta on a Saturday morning. She really wants company because her dance teacher friend had to cancel at the last minute, so she asks me. I reluctantly agree.

She asks, “Are you sure you’re ok going to this dance costume expo?”

I answer, “Yes.”

She replies with, “Poodle?”

Ugh. If I reply with “Poodle,” it means I’m being completely truthful about wanting to go, but I’m not really, so it forces me to admit that I’d really just rather lie around in my jammies playing videogames.

When one person invokes poodle, you’re not allowed to lie in response. It’s a staunch rule. That means it also has to be used sparingly.

We have never explained this rule or our reasoning for the word poodle to our three-year-old daughter, and yet one evening as we’re cuddling on the couch, I squeeze my daughter and say, “I love you.”

She looks lovingly up at me and asks, “Poodle?”

I smile.


Did your child ever hear you say a word that they now repeat?