Six word stories

A series of satire on India
Female foeticide: It’s a girl? We’ll try again.
Eve-teasing: Hear snide remark? Ignore. Keep walking.
Rape: Raped. Body recovered. Soul scarred forever.
Rape: “Call them brothers” -(Un)holy Indian saint
Indian Education System: Mug it up. Don’t ask why.
Indian politicians on Indian soldiers’ death:Soldiers died? That’s what they do.
Dowry system: Our son = Your daughter + 5 crores
Giving back to the community: ‘Twas everybody’s job. Nobody did it.
Why India is in a mess in general: Actors, Politicians, Cricketers >>> Teachers, Doctors, Soldiers
Excuse for current incompetency: Our ancestors this. Our ancestors that.
Arranged marriage concept: NO DATING! Sleeping with stranger? Fine.

Answer by Deepak Mehta to What are some of the best ‘six word stories’ ever?

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