no one picking up my phone

I’ve called my gf quite a few times in this past week but nope. can’t talk! my timings are just too bad! I call either when she’s out with friends, in movie hall, or sleeping! and she can’t call me back for some understandable reason! Drama and Oishika didn’t pick up their phones either. not interested in talking to good ol dhruv! cuz.. give a damn to him! :p

or hang on… I might as well just call him anyway! I’ll call prashasti after she returns back to banasthali! as for now, let her have fun with the people she rarely can meet ever since she’s gone to hostel! doesn’t make a difference with regard to me cuz we can’t meet even when she has her holidays, cuz I’m not in Delhi! and so I need to crack aiims to find an excuse to stay close to her!
give a damn to dhruv! I’m gonna go, study!

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